Late Breaking Abstract Submission Deadline

27 April 2018

Abstract Instructions

  1. Your abstract is considered "final" once you accept the "terms of submission" and click Submit. You will still be able to edit your abstract as many times as needed, prior to the abstract deadline. 
  2. The text of the abstract is limited to a maximum of 400 words (not including the title). No graphics or images allowed.
  3. When you begin submission of your abstract you will receive an email that contains a link. This link will let you edit all information entered on each page as often as necessary, until you accept the "terms of submission".
  4. Be sure to accept the "terms of submission" before the deadline. Your abstract will not be considered as an official submission until you do so.
  5. Questions relating to your abstract submission can be emailed to


Please see the IAVS 2018 Annual Symposium website for complete meeting information.

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